Jeff younger

Software Engineering Executive

Blue Yonder

Sr. Director - Security Architecture and Engineering

2021 - Present

  • Lead teams to secure a line of multi-tenant supply chain software solutions serving the largest companies in the Western economies using advanced AI and optimization algorithms. Work with product managers and principal developers to standardize, economize, and monetize the security architecture. Design and administer processes for secure software design and development, CI/CD pipelines, shift-left security compliance, threat monitoring and response. Serve on the Global Technology Review Board, the Product Design Review Board, and the CEO’s Technology Advisory Board. Design and maintain the Enterprise Security Reference Architecture
  • Microservices architecture; Azure; Google Cloud Platform; Kubernetes; Nutanix; Node.js;,;; Postman; Whitehat; Checkmarx; GitHub Dependabot; GitHub Actions; Wazuh; ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana); Splunk; Snowflake; Azure SQL; MongoDB Atlas; CosmosDB; Redis; Mnesia; TPM and vTPM; Linux (Red Hat, Alma); Languages for software and API development: Javascript, Java, Python, Elixir, and Erlang.
  • Securely migrated products from on-prem datacenters to Azure cloud: Supply Chain Planning, Workforce Management, Warehouse Management. Designed declarative API tools to automatically generate secure API backends. Created immutable infrastructure. Designed and implemented zero-trust microservices ecosystem for both internal and client code payloads. Standardized security practices and software, vastly reducing the attack surface and monitoring costs

RUR Digital (startup)

Director - Product Management

2019 - 2021

  • P&L responsibility and management responsibility for next-gen multi-tenant recruiting software requirements and prototypes. Conducted alpha client needs analysis and product definitions. Developed pricing strategy. Negotiated anonymous data collection for training neural networks
  • Python; Keras; TensorFlow; Torch; Gensim; Apache Singa; Elixir; Google Cloud Platform; Google BigQuery.
  • Generated alpha customer base for AI recruitment software with sentiment and profile matching; Created prototype and alpha version. Negotiated contracts for enterprise cloud computing contracts. Launched first customer.


Director - Process Automation


  • Planned, staffed, and managed P&L for large, international automation projects. Conducted turn-around management of multi-million dollar project in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Medicine. Responsible for global security standards for automation projects.
  • UIpath; Automation Anywhere; Blue Prism; Pega; Keras; Gensim; ABBYY; Languages: C#, Java, Python.
  • Resolved multi-year backlog in medical clearing houses in Kentucky, Florida, and New York. Reduced manual rework by over 90% at a major investment bank. Eliminated manual processes in fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and sanctions compliance at major banking and financial institutions. Eliminated insurance application backlogs at three major insurance companies. Created self-service portals for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes at five top American banks.

S5 Stratos (startup)

Product Manager


  • Managed product development teams for a retail logistics startup. Developed AI algorithms and technical approaches to scale web-based product for large retail companies. Transformed the user experience of the product into a visual composer rather than a statistical spreadsheet.
  • Sencha; Numbers.js; Synaptic.js; MongoDB; Languages: Javascript, Python.
  • Led R&D team to create new approximation algorithm for 100x+ performance improvements. Secured over $300k in new revenue from new product enhancements.


Sr. Manager - Strategic Engagements


  • Bootstrapped the company’s robotic process automation division. Held P&L responsibility. Staffed and trained developer teams. Trained marketing team. Created pre-sales and sales-support processes. Grew the team into an autonomous division within one year. Created strategic industry partnerships with major automation tool vendors. Managed channel sales for vendor implementations.
  • UiPath; Automation Anywhere; Blue Prism; Pega; Languages: C#, Java, Python.
  • Project portfolio beat expectations at $3 million revenue in twelve months.

MetLife Bank

Manager - Enterprise Architecture


  • Managed programs to deliver on the COO's go-to-market strategy. Implemented automation for cross-functional processes in underwriting, servicing, and compliance. Created company-wide data stewardship program and certifications for PIC and FINRA compliance. Developed a reference architecture for the business. Instituted architecture roadmap and review program, instituted a micro-services project for legacy servicing applications. Built the technical plan for divestment of the bank’s $22 million mortgage portfolio, a daunting highly regulated endeavor
  • Oracle; Linux (Red Hat); Apache Web Server; Languages: Python, C, Javascript.
  • Completed divestment on time, under a memorandum of understanding, with zero defects. Negotiated contracts with servicing customers. Secured shareholder interests with traceable transactions and secure transfer of assets.